The Early Years – Part 1

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THE EARLY YEARS (1955-1957) When I told my mother that I had decided to become a photographer the first question she asked me was “Yes, but what are you really going to do to earn a living?” And Dad followed up with: “You should take teaching. A teacher will always … Read More

The Early Years – Part 2

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THE EARLY YEARS – PART TWO (1955-1957) My career as a photojournalist was going nowhere and living at home,  with my family, in The Bronx was beginning to wear upon me. Not only didn’t they have faith in my abilities to succeed as a magazine photographer they were able to … Read More

Fidel Comes to New York

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FIDEL CASTRO (April 1959)      Three and a half months after he removed dictator Batista from power in Havana, revolutionary Fidel Castro, the Presidente of Cuba, and his band of romantic, world-wide heroes, came to New York on an unofficial visit. It was, April 1959, and it signaled the … Read More

The French Trotting Horse That Ate Artichokes

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JAMIN (August 1959)     Once again, my boss Paul Slade was off shooting a story in Hollywood or somewhere glamorous and I was asked by Stephane Grueff to accompany Match reporter Philippe de Bausset to Roosevelt Raceway in Westbury, Long Island to photograph a French  wonder, a trotting horse named … Read More

The Forgotten Man

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THE ROCKEFELLERS – ANNE-MARIE RASMUSSEN AND HER FORGOTTEN UNCLE – THE COP (July 1959)    The floodgates didn’t exactly open after Bob Soth’s collapse was spread across two pages of Paris Match. Though Roger Therond now knew who I was, he wasn’t calling Stephane or Slade to put me to … Read More

Pop Arts

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CLAES OLDENBURG – ARTIST (June 1960)             I had attended Ohio University with many accomplished talents. In the photo department: LOOK magazine and Magnum photographers Paul Fusco and James Karales, also, Newsweek photographer Robert McElroy and Judy Buswink (Ross) who went on to become a NY … Read More

Do You Believe In Baschert? (beloved destiny)

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GATHERING AT THE U.N. (September 1960)   I was among hundreds of photographers, TV crews and print journalists, covering the historic event at the United Nations in the fall of 1960. It seemed every head of state had converged on New York to attend the meeting of the General Assembly. … Read More